Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Ugliest Seat in the MTB Universe!

Have you ever seen a more Grotesk saddle?

...Ingredients - One WTB Saddle, One gel insert from a gel saddle cover, One gel saddle cover and 3 yards silver duct tape.

There is a method to Dangerous Dave's madness. He has shown us in Sedona that big, fat (but not nessecarily ugly) saddles are the way to go. You see, when you're in the extreme, the more surface area your saddle has to offer, the more control you'll have on your bike. When you're in the air you can squeeze the saddle between your legs or while using body english through the rough, slow sections you can maintain a comfortable contact with your saddle at all times. The light weight XC saddles are great for racing, but in the rocky, twisty, gnarly terrain we call home, you need a big fatty.

This may sound like heresy to some, but here in Sedona it's all about control in uncontrollable situations. If your riding is on the more extreme freeride side, try a large saddle, you'll love it and your riding will go up a notch, just ask Dangermouse.

So if, by chance, you know of an uglier saddle, PLEASE - Send us a picture . . . the world needs to know about it.

Hey, could someone please move those bikes . . . oh, never mind !

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