Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Done delivering presents, Santa takes a relaxing spin just off-shore from his Jamaican hideaway..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's up y'all?

Rob Narly here, checking in after a long hiatus from blogging. Thought I'd make sure everyone knows that in the interest of keeping our more "extreme" customers functional and out of the E.R., we are now carrying Kali protective gear and Leatt neck braces, as well as 661, Fox, Rockgardn, and RaceFace as always..

We are really excited about the Leatt and Kali stuff, so I thought I should share some info w/y'all and get everyone up to speed on this cutting-edge equipment

The Leatt brace is a "helmet for your neck", an injection produced glass reinforced nylon neck brace system, designed by medical professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts to help prevent the following "extreme movements": head, foward -HyperFlexion
head, rearward -HyperExtension
head, sideways -Lateral HyperFlexion
spinal column compression -Axial loading, due to the effect of force on the helmet
head/helmet, rearward on the neck - Posterior HyperTranslation

There is currently no other neck protection system available for motorcyclists that can effectively help prevent all of the above potential injuries. The design rationale behind the Leatt-Brace is to bring the head to a controlled stop. This is achieved by providing a padded rigid structure that acts as an alternate load path for neck forces. Helmet impacts otherwise transmitted from the helmet to skull and then to the neck are re-directed from the helmet to the brace to other body structures in a safe way.
The design of the Leatt-Brace prevents the helmet/head from projecting over the brace and therefore prevents a fulcrum action, which has been documented in literature pertaining to the use of collar devices. The Leatt-Brace GPX Club works with most types of body armor and chest protectors. It is also suitable for use by Superbike riders. Over long distances, the Leatt-Brace will also offer some relief from neck fatigue. Only leathers with a hump require minor modification.The X-Strap (for upright riding position) and GP-Strap (for Superbike leathers with a hump), included with the MOTO GPX, are designed for the extreme rider who may experience 'float' at high speed (Superbike) or in a big air and flat-out whoop situations (motocross).

We will be taking orders for Leatt braces just before christmas, most models and graphics kits are available for immediate delivery, and they are in So.Cal, so stuff gets here usually in just a couple of days!

Now as for Kali protectives...

These guys are so on point it's almost unreal. Just a couple of years old and the company is setting new standards in safety and weight for protective gear. Mike Metzger runs their gear, so you know he's tested the stuff.. you really should check out their site and look around... the guys running this company know what they are doing and are passionate about it. It shows in the quality of their products.

We have a bunch of their stuff in stock right now, and we have more on the way.. can't think of a better way to spend your christmas cash than making sure you can keep riding!

So Happy Holidays from everyone here @ the heaven//

B. Narly

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Holidays from MBH!

Happy Holidays from Mountain Bike Heaven!

Come on in and check out our HOLIDAY SALES...

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Happy Riding!!!