Friday, October 30, 2009

NODFEST 2009: Come Ride With Us In November!

Mountain Bike Heaven's
World Famous International
Gnarly Old Dude
(& Dudette) Festival

November 25 - 29, 2009
Sedona, Arizona, USA

It's that time of year to once again give thanks and pay homage to the Great Mountain Biking God - Bikapelli - for another year of great Mountain Bike Riding!

This year is extra special because Mountain Bike Heaven is in its 20th year of serving Mountain Bikers from all over the world who come to Sedona for the "Great Mountain Bike Ride."

In Sedona, it is a tradition to honor and give respect to the Elders. So every year, Mountain Bike Heaven celebrates their Elders: the NODs, or Gnarly Old Dudes (and Dudettes), as they like to be called.

NODs are mountain bikers who are 50 and older who are still out there being Gnarly. According to RAMA JON, founder of Mountain Bike Heaven (and the youngest Sedona NOD), being a NOD is not so much about age, but more of a state of mind. The NOD FESTIVAL is about celebrating those who have come before us and inspired us, as well as expressing the wild, ageless Spirit that lives inside us all.

The 2009 NOD FEST starts Wednesday 11/25 and continues thru Sunday 11/29... five days of raw, honest Red Rock mountain biking!

There will be rides every day. All Dudes and Dudettes are welcome. Call Mountain Bike Heaven for ride times. Bring your bike and all your gear and meet at Mountain Bike Heaven: 1695 West Hwy 89A, Sedona, Arizona, USA.

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Contact Mountain Bike Heaven for information:
Telephone: (928) 282-1312