Saturday, October 25, 2008

gnarly crew @ rampage

the MTBH gnarly crew hit the road at 7pm on thursday oct 3 to see the greatest spectacle of freeride mountainbiking ever- the red bull rampage. arriving at the old venue from 04 at about 2:00am, we set up our tents, climbed into out sleeping bags and slept with dreams of freeride magic to come. not long after the first stirrings of the morning in the campground did the coffee start flowing, and with the coffee came the talk of the day- riding the old course. after a lengthy safety meeting and gear check we were on the mountain, hiking our big bikes up to the ridgelines. if you have never seen this type of terrain check out
the videos, never do it justice- this place is steep and there are huge jumps and drops everywhere.
so there we were- standing on sacred ground- ready to throw down... to be cont.
here's some photos to get ya to come back and read the rest of the story.