Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Volcano Boyz

Hard Time and Tim are two crazy MTB Boyz. They like to do one thing on their MTB's, ride sick, steep, out of control lines anywhere they can find 'em. On this particular adventure they found themselves on the Volcano fields outside Flagstaff, AZ. This place is a free for all... You got dune buggy's, motocrossers, sand rails, and now mountain bikes. The motorized locals thought these boyz were Crazy, hiking their bikes up these cinder cones... "What's an hour up for these kind of downhills anyway!" sayz HT.

The boyz may have inhaled a little too much Carbon Monoxide this day from all those stinkers... Being a little confused they ended up hiking the wrong cone, a national monument or something, and got some big fines... $600 smackers. Well now they know the boundaries.

When asked what's next, the boyz replied, "Well, we're working on the permits for Everest. We figure the downhill is long enough to justify the climb..."

You heard it here.. we'll keep you updated...

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