Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mountain Bike Heaven!

Happy Anniversary Mountain Bike Heaven!

Sunday, 11/11/07 is not only the kick-off for MBH’s annual week-long NODFEST, but 11/11/07 also marks the 18th year that Mountain Bike Heaven has been in business in Sedona. Congratulations to Rama Jon and the entire Mountain Bike Heaven team for a job well done!

Rama Jon and Mountain Bike Heaven
Year One (November, 1989)

Mountain Bike Heaven extends a big thank you to all of the many patrons that have come to Sedona from around the globe. And of course HUGE THANKS goes out to all of MBH’s Gnarly Mountain Biking Crew Members!
Thanks for ALL the great RIDES!

Remember, always be excellent to each other and…
keep on Riding!

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gwadzilla said...

very cool!

it is a wonderful part of the country

wish I were there right now instead of rainy washington dc