Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mountain Bike News with Rama Jon - Josh 2

Mountain Bike News
with Rama Jon 12/99


Miracles happen and even in Sedona where we expect miracles to happen, when they do happen it is way special. Combined with the Holiday spirit, this miracle is what stories are made of. Last week Josh Smith returned home after nearly four months in the hospital recovering from a serious mountain bike neck injury. Josh was determined to walk out of neuro rehab, and as we watched his progress, no one but Josh himself and perhaps his mom and dad believed he would accomplish this goal.

Well, surpise, surprise, Josh has accomplished his goal. Several days after returning home, Josh walked into the bike shop on his own power. Sure, he’s walking a little slow compared to his old self, but he is walking, and that feat alone will make this Holiday season one that will always be remembered as special.

Josh’s road to recovery has not been a bowl of cherries. His ups and downs have made all of us wonder whether he would walk again. Perseverance, a little luck and a lot of prayer by Josh, his family and his friends have brought Josh back to us. Presently, his playful nature has been replaced by a philosophical seriousness that will be called upon in the next steps of his healing.

For all the trials and tribulations, Josh’s spirit is way strong and it is clear that being home will excelerate his recovery. Of course, the first thing we did for Josh when he got home was to set up a bicycle on a wind trainer so that he could have an adjunct to his physical therapy routine. It did my heart good to know that Josh is back on a bike again. At this point, getting some meat back on Josh’s bones is of top priority. After nearly four months on IV and then on cafeteria style hospital food, Josh’s taste buds are ready for a workout again.

As we reflect back on the year and the last decade of the millenium, Josh’s accident certainly is an event that has changed us all. A once carefree attitude has been replaced by a masked cautiousness. With any luck, the next millenium will be an injury free one.

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